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  • Many issues for a new member like me. I don’t work with code. So to wrap text around single images, do I 1.switch to HTML editor, 2. Copy all the code for image wrap 3. copy the text from the html page,4. insert it into the code for image wrap and 5. find the spot to paste the chunk of code in next to the image line in the code? OR is there an option in the visual editor to do this easily (please God)? Thanks.

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  • Michael


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    generally, in the visual editor, when inserting or editing an image in a post or page, you have the option to tick one of the alignments;

    if you tick ‘alignleft’ or ‘alignright’, there should be styles in the theme that do the wrapping of the text.

    what theme are you using?

    can you post a link to your site, to a post or page with the wrapping issue?

    My bad:
    I have 3 posts. It is that ugly red book cover with all the white space to the right that annoys me.

    Also, the background color is so glaring, not subtle choices from that dial a color thing I used.

    I wonder how the site looks to other people. Sent it to a few people. One said all the images were teeny tiny, the thumbnails, I think she meant.
    I have a giant iMac screen so everything is really big for me.
    I notice the options at the top of this comments box put in code, they dont make the changes, like the visual editor does.

    is this a backtick: `

    Thanks for responding.

    Well, here is the thing. On the tutorial explained wrap-arounds. You go to the icon outside and above the box for the page of text you are editing and there is a simple protocol for wrapping, no code needed. Does no one know about this? My site looks 100% better because I learned how to do this and I didn’t need to deal with the dreaded code.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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