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  • It may be that your theme, it would appear, is adding a <p> tag before the comment body is inserted (which includes another <p> automatically).

    Your source code is:

    <p class="actualcomment"><p>Wow! Brilliant website! I really like it.</p></p>

    Notice the double Ps ? That is a couple of your validation erros.

    I removed the <p class="actualcomment"> and made it a <div class="actualcomment"> and now it validates with only one error, which I highly doubt is causing the problem.

    (Sidenote: On that note, there a way to define cols without overriding my pixel width that’s defined in the CSS?)

    Thank you for the response, though. I thought I was a goner!

    Yea – didn’t fix the problem … interestingly in IE I notice that when you page is loading (which it does slowly on this connection), everything loaded correctly and then jerked and disappeared as your sidebar was loaded competely …

    Are you sure all your divisions are closed in the “post” area ? I had trouble counting them.

    I think it’s in the sidebar. I tried removing the sidebar completely and it suddenly works perfectly. Have NO idea why x_X

    Maybe it has something to do with the category list template tag and using rollover links. I’m still thoroughly confused.

    At this point, I might just rewrite the entire sidebar.

    Okay, I give up. I’ve redone the sidebar and it’s still happening.

    edit: nobody? This has been up for 5 days.

    Okay, I removed the a:hover { background } property and it seems to work. If anyone knows what was happening, I’d appreciate a response, but I’m going to mark this ‘resolved’.

    EDIT: Appreciate the response, doodlebee, but that wasn’t it. ;( At this point, I’m just gonna’ say it’s either an IE glitch or something wrong with my plugins/WP install.

    You have a couple of css validation errors there.

    Don’t know if that’ll help, though.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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