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    I just delete a photo from a page of content. The entire content of the page disappeared and was replaced with the word “undefined”. I deleted that word and wrote “under construction”, since I now have a blank page that I have to rewrite. When I clicked update to save “under construction” , it reverted to “undefined” again. Does anyone have a solution?
    The site is

    Thanks Jean

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  • OOps…my version is 3.5.1

    Try editing the page again and adding some new text.

    I added new text,same thing happened.

    What happen if you create a new Page?

    Can you post a screenshot with the “undefined” error message?

    hmmm…can’t seem to do that. But here is the link

    @rajesh Soni: Can’t you see it? It literally just says “undefined” in the Post content area the published page.

    @jeanbledsoe: Can you deactivate all plugins?

    @esmi, I meant to see the location of the error message. The entire page where the message appears. (from the backend)

    Yes, I can see it just fine. I wish I couldn’t – and so does my client!
    If I deactivate all the plugins, what will happen to the site? will all the pages return to normal when I reactivate the plugins?

    Any changes will only be temporary but there’s something in your page markup that suggests a bad plugin might be involved. So you really need turn them all off to confirm or rule this out.


    Change your admin password NOW! Never, EVER, post login details on a public forum. You have just given the entire world access to the back end of your site.

    The same behavior is also occurring with my WordPress installation (also on 1.5.1)

    What I know is this.

    1. Creating a new post and entering text using the Wysiwyg editor works until saving the post. Even using the “save as draft” option. The moment you save the post, all post content is gone and only the word “undefined” remains.

    2. If you change the tab on the Wysiwyg editor from “visual” to “text” and then enter text and save, it works. This, however is without any formatting unless you do all the html formatting tags by hand.

    This happens on both my live site and my dev site (which I use for testing) and I have disabled all plugins and changed to the “twenty twelve” default theme on my dev site and can still reproduce it.

    I called GoDaddy (my hosting provider) and they didn’t know anything about it yet (although I could be the first to report it).

    I am going to set up a subdomain and a fresh install of WordPress with no additional plugins or themes and test to see if I can reproduce it.

    If anyone knows more about the issue than what I have reported here, please update this thread.

    exp_626, do you by chance, use Impact Page Builder? I do, and have never had an issue with it. My problem is occurring in pages as I don’t use posts for this client. But it’s the same thing – and this site has been up and running with no issues for 6 months or more. Oh, and when it started I was using 3.4.0 I think. Then when it happened I updated to 3.5.1 with no change.

    Same Problem!!

    I activated Backup of an old WP database to see if the problem stays, YES IT DID.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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