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  • First let me start out by saying I haven’t really done anything with software like WordPress since … ~MoveableType 2.63.

    What I used to do in that software when making a simple site that was easy to upkeep (eg I didn’t really have a lot of time to spend coding, but wanted some parts to be blog oriented) is to make a template page (it used the style and created a physical page accessible to my blog’s infrastructure) where I could access archive posts, sort by category, etc.

    I searched and the internet for about 5 hours yesterday and 1) learned the difference between pages and “archives” and 2) am still completely confused about how to do what in my mind, should be possible.

    I have three bloggers, as well as 2 news sections on my site. I want each of these to have their own “page” (eg I get it to show up in my navigation bar created by my style and use the templating system already in place).

    I was going to do this using categories to filter posts and then just do a query for the post through the template php page asking for all posts in category X specified through the URL.

    The indication I’ve generally got through my search is that this isn’t possible. If I’m wrong, please correct, slap me, and show me how to do it (please). 🙂 If I have understood correctly, does anybody have a suggestion on how I should implement this?


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    Also, to clarify, I also have some static pages that will not change at all, but I do need help in hacking the “page” code to do journal queries or some other method.

    My site is located at

    When you are new to WP the biggest challenge is to forget your previous way of doing things… and to learn how the WP engine works and use its features to do whatever you wish, without hard and complicated workarounds 🙂

    The URI you provided is totally useless since there is no (visible) blog there, so I have to guess what will be going on there.

    When you are talking about posts in different categories, don’t even think about the Pages.
    If you want to show categories – you don’ have to do any “special query”: WP does that for you, the only thing is to learn how to display that. See Template_Hierarchy and Category_Templates.

    There is one thing it wasn’t clear to me: are the 3 bloggers “categories” in your blog or…?
    And what is the relation of the 2 news sections you mentioned and the 3 bloggers and the site as a whole? IN other terms: what is the hierarchical structure of these elements?

    5 categories (3 posting categories, 2 news, all separate). And I have multiple index pages, that I was going to delete before I posted this … but I went ADD lol. (The blog is now viewable)

    Site Heirarchy goes:
    Main Page (which uses posts from only one category, I saw a plugin to do that)
    – About Us and a few other static pages at this level
    – Blogs
    –Person A
    –Person B
    –Person C
    – Press
    –News Releases by date of post

    But a category template is all I need? I had WP installed by Fantastico by my host, and I’ve checked all the themes that came with it and none of them have an example of how exactly a category page is supposed to look like, code-wise. If I download the default style from the install package here (, it should have that file correct?

    Thanks so much for your help; Now I just need to find an actual category.php so I can add it to the theme I’m using

    And nevermind that, I will have to go back and figure out how to make a categories page, now that I’m not trying to mix two elements that don’t go together.

    Thanks for your help, if I need anything else I’ll be back!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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