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  • On some pages, all I get is the header and footer and not the page contents. The content shows up on most pages, but on a few it is missing for some reason. I tried changing the permalinks to default per a suggestion on another thread and that brought back the content, but then when I changed permalinks back to “post name” the content was gone again.

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    Make sure, on the pages not showing content, the pages have set the correct template.

    I don’t see where I would check to see what template the pages are using. I know I’ve seen this option in the past, but I don’t see it now. I think I’ve seen it under “page attributes” in the past, but right now under “page attributes” all I see is parent and order options.

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    Have you created any templates?
    Remember you need

    /* Template Name: Templatename */

    for the template to appear in the page attributes.

    No, I haven’t created any templates.

    Excerpts aren’t showing in categories when I post and WordPress is not automatically cropping post to 55 words either, even though there is a read more link at the bottom.

    I just added a template name to the index.php file in my themes directory. The template option appeared, but it still did not display content.

    I just renamed a URL of one of the pages that was not displaying content, and then it displayed content. However, when I renamed the URL back, the content dissappeared again. So it seems like this problem has something to do with the URLs.

    Can you post a link?

    Sorry, but I am not allowed to show people the website so I cannot post a link. The only page that is not showing up is on http://mydomain/services/. I wonder if “services” is a reserved name that could be causing a conflict.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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