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    I am using the Om Nom Nom Nom theme – I have edited a page called “minoto” but when I look at it online the content does not show. I go back to edit and the content is there and I can see it in html and visually. The page attributes are published and public. I have tried everything to copy and posting a blog post that does display online, into the page but even that does not show up. I am totally stumped. Any ideas how to make that work?

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  • Have you tried view source on the published page online to see if your changes are coming through?
    Try putting some html that will show up when deployed.

    Hi thanks for the tips – sorry I didnt get this until now because in Oz and got wrapped up in other things! I tried out both things you suggested but still no joy. Any other ideas?

    I am no newbie to online editing but this has got me stumped.


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    Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

    If that does not resolve the issue, try switching to the Default theme (WordPress 1.5 – 2.9.2) or the Twenty Ten theme (WordPress 3.0 and higher) to rule-out a theme-specific issue.

    Hi, I think this problem is resolved. It might have been related to the table command I used which is exactly the same as the one I used in a post in my blog on the same site and published no problems – yet copied and pasted to a page and it would not work. No idea why not. Sigh, so will have to configure the page without tables to provide the separations I need until I can get another table command that works

    I have downloaded plugin tables but am too confused about how to make them work and they dont show either anyway. So what I did was open Dreamweaver, insert a table there wysiwyg with rows and columns I want and the width then switched to html code view, copied and pasted into the edit post or blog. Works fine in a blog post and no idea why it wont work in a page related to the same blog, using same stylesheets etc.

    Maybe this is something to do with the Om Nom Nom Nom theme. Has anyone else experienced this with other wordpress themes? I have other themes for other websites I own but I havent had time to play around with those as yet.

    Cheers Adrienne

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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