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    Right so I have recently migrated a site to a new hosting platform. I did all the relevant backups and syncs. On transfer of domain the home page post content is visible and so is the contact form how ever the other pages content area after the header are blank. I then upgraded WordPress thinking maybe something went wrong with the database. After a successful upgrade the problem still persists.

    I then changed the theme to the default theme just to make sure that the problem wasn’t theme related and the default theme also had the same problem. I then tried changing the permalinks back to the default and still no luck.

    Please can some one help asap the web address is


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  • If you try to edit the page in admin, is the content there? I viewed the source code of the Meetings page and it looked like there was nothing in the content div. Seems like maybe the page data didn’t copy over when you moved it.

    yes the content is shown in the backend

    And the status of the page says it’s published and public? May seem like stupid questions, but you never know. What happens if you create a new page? Maybe you could copy the content into new pages and delete the old ones.

    Thanks for your help. I have now resolved the issue the Rot13 Email Protection plugin was conflicting. Deactivated and site fine now.

    Thanks for your help

    Ah yes, it’s always a good idea to deactivate all plugins and see if that makes the problem go away, and if not, switch to the Default theme and see if that fixes it. You have to rule out problems w/ plugins or themes before really getting into much else.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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