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    I developed a WordPress site for one of my clients on my own server and upon completion moved it to their server/domain as I have done many times in the past. This time however, the content within the pages has disappeared from the WP-Admin editor.

    The site looks and functions correctly, all content is where it should be, yet when using the editor in WP-Admin the pages are completely blank and contain no content. Obviously the content is still within the database if the site is displaying just fine.

    Any ideas?

    I tried creating a new database and importing an older database backup but the same issue persists. I also used search/replace db again to change the URL within the original database back to my development URL hoping to be able to copy/paste the content within the pages but even with this method they show NO CONTENT.

    I am beginning to freak out a bit since ALL of the options I have tried have failed.

    Is there any way to view the contents of the database in plain text so that I could copy/paste my shortcodes and content back into the editor?

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Have you tried to use phpmyadmin for this? Presuming it is available in your situation?

    I do have access to phpmyadmin. I pulled up the database and was looking at the wp_posts table and selecting the pages in question. However I was unable to view any plain text data including the shortcodes and content I had within the pages.

    Any chance you could point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    hmm I checked one of my sites using phpmyadmin and went to the post_content column in the wp_posts table and for me this does have the raw text including shortcodes……let me know if that works for you

    My post_content field is empty unfortunately. Just like the wp-admin editor. I don’t understand how the site displays correctly but the content seems to be missing from everywhere else.



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    Have you reviewed Moving_WordPress?

    Could it be that pages are being served from your old server?

    Or can you access post_content field on your old server and paste that into the empty post_content field on your new server?

    Yes I have reviewed Moving_Wordpress. I have done this many times in the past but have never encountered this issue.

    I don’t believe they could be being served from my old server. When I use I don’t see it serving any remote files or anything.

    I also used a serialized search and replace for the URLs in the database.

    Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing this on my development server rather than AFTER I moved the database to the new site. I have pulled up both the database on their host and the database on my development server and they all show empty values.

    Thank you guys for the help.

    I also have numerous backups on my HD however they all seem to be the same size. When importing one of these into a new database I encountered the same issue. Surely the data is there somewhere since the site works, I just need to figure out where to salvage it from.

    I should mention that when importing one of my local DB backups into a completely new DB and changing the config to reflect this DB that the site displays just fine as well. So I know the content is contained within the database somewhere. Yet the post_content field remains empty.

    Sorry, not sure what else to suggest

    No worries. I appreciate your help!

    I am puzzled also. I tried everything I could think of and can’t seem to find anyone else that has had the same issue.

    Whew I managed to figure it out! Thanks for the help wpfan1000.

    Great! What was it?

    Yeah, I’d like to know what the solution was also @st0ned.

    I’m having similar issues and can’t figure out what’s going on.

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