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  • Hello.

    Here is the blog in question:

    My problem “was” that after tweaking and setting up my main page I decided to use the WP admin editor to add a new page called “podcasts” (which worked just fine). The problem was that by default, it was assigned the category “Uncategorized” which I was hoping to change.

    Seeing no possible way to assign it a new or different category through the WP admin screen, I went into mysql, into my database, then wp_categories, found the category ID (cat_ID) number 1 (which was assigned to “Uncategorized”). I thought “oh perfect, I’ll just change it here in Mysql to something else and it will reflect that on the page I just made! *BBZZZZZZ NO!*

    After happily refreshing my main page and clicking onto the “podcasts” page, I was hit with a resounding:

    “Not Found
    The requested URL /blog/podcasts/ was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    I promply went back into mysql, changed it from what I had written (I’d replaced “uncategorized” with a period so as to be less visible) back to “Uncategorized”. I refreshed the page, again to no avail.

    Tried deleting the page and publishing a second one again with the same content. No luck. Went back to Mysql, made sure “Uncategorized” was capitalized as I seem to it remebering it to have been previously. Anyhow, now I’m stuck with no way to publish new pages because of what I thought to be a “quick fix” (stupid me).

    Oh and I might add that when I go into my WP admin screen, and manage pages, those pages are still there and still editable. Somehow changing that one entry through Mysql altered my ability to link/show pages (though they’re still there).


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  • Also, not to bump the thread, but here is a screenshot of my mysql screen with the category. The circle indicates the “uncategorized” field which I had changed from “Uncategorized” to “.” (in the hopes of getting it to change the category of the new page I had created. Here is the image link:

    mysql edit img

    Ok, so for whatever reason, after waiting for a reply from you kind and devoted forumites, I refreshed my podcasts page again (after having “reset” the cat_ID field back to Uncategorized) and everything is working now.. sheesh

    It would appear that I should never be messing with the mysql to solve problems on the site. Whats curious is that after things broke the first time, I tried making a 2nd page to see if it was truly my edit in mysql that F’d things up. That page now is listed as “misc” (a category I created through WP admin screen) and podcasts is still “uncategorized” as before. Anyone know how that could of happened (everything I did in the last hour is listed above).. I’d love if they could all at least be “misc”.

    EDIT: I went into my WP admin screen, and just to see what would happen edited “uncategorized” to “misc” (now there are 2). Previously, trying to edit Uncategorized resulted in “cannot be edited, default”. Now it worked. Weird.

    It would have been useful if your read about Pages before messing up things.

    1. Pages do not have categories. Period.
    2. Lazy theme developers miss to create a page.php template and in that case the index.php is used to display Pages, thus showing “category”. (This, obviously, confuses the users…)
    3. For internal technical reasons, the WP engine “assigns” a category to Pages, and that category always will be the default category at that given moment.
    4. From the user’s side Pages practically do NOT have categories.

    (Hint. If you don’t want “category” displayed on Pages, edit the page.php template… not the database 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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