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    Hi, I’ve seen a few posts that lists my problem, but they have answers like “problem corrected itself.”

    I’m a new WordPress user. I’ve posted about 7 posts, but one of them refuses to show. In the Admin if I click on Edit, I see my page, but View, I get Page Cannot Be Found. Same if I click on the Continue Reading on the excert: Page Cannot Be Found. All my other posts work fine. I even deleted this one and readded it, but same thing.

    Very odd, any ideas?

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  • are you using version 1.5 ?

    sometime it could help to delete the .htaccess file and make a new one .

    sometime you can just clear your cache in your browser…

    sometime it fix it self :p


    I’m using 2.04.
    Tried clearing my cache; no difference.
    Tried deleting and recreating my .htaccess. Now **all** my pages are blank!!!

    Ok, changed protection on my .htaccess to 666, clicked on update permalinks, changed protection back. Now some of my pages show, but the original problem page plus one that I just posted are still blank.

    Gotta be a solution…

    Aha! Figured it out! Turns out only the posts that were under a certain category weren’t working. It is because the category name was identical to the category base I had entered on the Permalinks page. Not sure why this made a difference, but when I changed either the category or the category base to be different, the post showed up fine.
    Whew! My faith in WordPress has been restored!

    Can this be changed to [Resolved] now? Maybe? =P


    lol i would have never guessed this :p

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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