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    I’m getting this error in Site Health…

    Page cache is not detected but the server response time is OK

    Any help with this issue will be appreciated!!!

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    it’s known issue as health tool doesn’t check our hesaders

    it will be fixed in next release.

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    Good to know…



    This is what I was looking for! Look forward to the update!


    Mesmo problema aqui

    it’s known issue as health tool doesn’t check our hesaders

    Is there a reason why WP hasn’t pushed out an update to resolve this? I have been seeing repeated errors about object and page caching and cron jobs that never existed before 6.1 shipped and it all seems to come back to issues w/in WP core, like this one. Pretty disappointing that a site with no issues is now throwing errors that either don’t exist or don’t matter, all due to some poorly designed or implemented poetry. Bad rhymes, weak scansion, whatever language the WP teams chooses to use, it needs work.

    Same here:

    Page cache is detected by looking for an active page cache plugin as well as making three requests to the homepage and looking for one or more of the following HTTP client caching response headers:cache-controlexpiresagelast-modifiedetagx-cache-enabledx-cache-disabledx-srcache-store-statusx-srcache-fetch-status.

    Hi – was this ever resolved?

    I have the latest version installed and currently having this issue…



    I have version 5.3.3 of Litespeed and still have the problem.

    I have the same issue. Does anyone have an idea?

    clear server site caching resolves this issue. am using nginx and server caching enabled. the bug gone out after disabling nginx cache

    I use OVH and I have disabled their CDN. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem on my side…

    When I inspect my site I don’t see :
    X-LiteSpeed-Cache: miss

    I only see :
    x-litespeed-tag: 0ed_tag_priv,public:0ed_HTTP.200

    What does this mean?

    Is this a problem with my Template?

    did anyone find a solution?

    i have the same problem

    Hello? I’m getting this error too! Any update let?

    The topic is checked as “Resolved” but I have the same problem.

    Version installed:

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    for users who still have issue on this , per forum guideline , please create your own topic instead of replying here

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