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    hi, I just update to Versión 0.9.2 of W3 Total Cache and get this error in the dashboard.

    It appears Page Cache URL rewriting is not working. If using apache, verify that the server configuration allows .htaccess or if using nginx verify all configuration files are included in the configuration.

    I had no error before the update, can someone please help in how to fix it ?


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  • vitalichka


    You know I thought this could be an issue when working on this last night.
    Seems like we are all having problems with Caching and Minify, well I don’t know how many of you are on the CloudFlare network but considering that if you are you probably already have AutoMinify set up through there and this makes me wonder if that is causing a conflict since the API key does not always want to interface with the system.

    Also for example, I have my caching on the CF side set to medium but I cannot change the default of High in W3TC in WP from high to Medium, and some settings differ.

    Jut my two cents, wondering if maybe this is somehow causing a conflict then again, how many of you are on the CloudFlare CDN? No all right? And seems like basically everyone is experiencing the same problems.

    I know for me, creating a new .htaccess file definitely solves some problems because the constant appending was not a good way to proceed.

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    vitalichka – EDIT your posts if you’re posting within minutes of yourself, please 🙂 Otherwise you’re going to trigger the spam-catcher!

    I created new .htaccess and I’m not using CloudFlare

    Udegbunam Chukwudi


    @vitalichka: the link you posted before works and I kinda made it clear that W3 Total Cache’s minify function just doesn’t work for me thus I don’t use it at all.



    @ipstenu – Yeah sorry about the mass posting everyone. I thought of doing that right after the last post.

    @strictlyonlinebiz – yeah you did, it wasn’t the minify that wasn’t working, looking through the past posts here and through the forum here you will see a trend that with the latest release there are other problems as well.

    Thanks for posting though, I did get a few good things from the article.



    Version is out now. Hopefully this will fix most if not all of the bugs introduced with 0.9.2.



    Thanks for the heads up. Just updated, looks like CloudFlare API still not working, getting the following messages.

    At purge – Request failed. Error: Invalid zone name


    When changing to medium on security in CF and saving it says “Unable to make CloudFlare API request.”

    Also, when setting minify to auto, CSS is broken, had to revert to manual. But Caching enhanced seems to not throw any errors.

    What are you guys experiencing?



    Looks like the domain name under cloudflare should have been without http:// removing that helped fix the CF problem I was having.



    Updated to version

    Disabled “Minify” > “Rewrite URL structure” and no more error.

    Working with “Minify mode” on “manual” and “Page Cache Method” on “Disk (enhanced)”.

    Everything seems to be working now.

    PS: Also, “General” > “Miscellaneous” > “Enable Google Page Speed dashboard widget ” will only enable if “Enable news dashboard widget” is also enabled.

    That should not be required.




    i have updated the plugin but still no luck… im the only one?

    I don’t use a child theme, i use Compositio theme from Design Disease and it has one unique css.



    Yeah everything seems to work alright with Minify set to manual and setting specific CSS files to minify.

    I did want to clarify something though. Under Page Cache > Never cache the following pages >

    it says “wp-.*.php

    Does this mean it will not cache anything like wp-admin? which is good but at the same time it will also not cache anything with a .php extension? Well that doesn’t make much sense to me (I don’t understand it) to not cache .php extensions since all of WP is PHP-based.

    Could someone shine some light on this?

    Also if someone could explain what would be good as far as settings under garbage collection intervals for the different sections, as well as updating external files.

    I’m also having a hard time understanding Browser Caching settings.

    Sorry I know this is a lot but if someone has the knowledge, you would be helping many as I am sure not everyone is sure to use this to full capacity.




    @simbian – make sure to set minify to manual and tell it the URI to the CSS file. That should fix it.



    Version 9.2.1 Not Working
    As pull-start said above:

    Unchecking “Rewrite URL” in Minnify settings doesn’t help me. No variation of Minify-ing is working

    I had everything set up manually, that was broken. (Unstyled content)
    I tried auto, that didn’t work.
    I tried just minifying CSS and just minifying JS. Didn’t help at all.

    With Minify off completely (in the General pane) everything else seems okay.

    I’m on version 9.2.1, WP version 3.1.2 and the Genesis Framework.
    I am going to roll back a couple of versions to get it working.



    Alright so it seems like anytime I change any of the settings under browser caching I get this error.

    Browser caching is not active. To enable it, add the following rules into the server configuration file (/server_path) of the site . Or if permission allow this can be done automatically, by clicking here:

    Even if I do auto install, it says all is okay but as soon as you save anything the same error comes up again.

    If I do browser caching of CSS and JS files suddenly it throws an error about URL rewriting and minify.

    I can’t set anything under browser caching > general
    CSS and JS
    Almost nothing under HTML pages and posts
    Same applies to media and other files.

    Any help?



    See now I disabled all browser caching and I now get this error.

    Disk enhanced page caching is not active. To enable it, add the following rules into the server configuration file




    @ munman – yeah I saw that but rewrite url works for me it seems. As long as minify is set to manual and I specify which CSS files I need.



    If I disable the rewrite url it does not affect it. Still not loading my main style.css file correctly. Even though I verify the URI.
    Maybe if I disable all the other CSS files and only load style.css?

    Let me try that… back in a min



    Yeah see I just did what you said as to uncheck rewrite URL and now I get:

    Disk enhanced page caching is not active. To enable it, add the following rules into the server configuration file


    Browser caching is not active. To enable it, add the following rules into the server configuration file

    This is odd
    any suggestions, doesn’t seem like url rewriting is having anything to do with this. I auto install and also try to manually add the code and all looks fine until you save something.

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