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  • I have the same problem. My site is HTML mode only when the plugin is activated. I’ve disabled it for now…

    Same here, on some of our sites, out of nowhere.

    They are running latest W3 Total Cache, and the web server is Litespeed.
    We had to disable page caching…

    Could you please check what your web server is? (i.e. Apache etc)


    my webserver is litespeed
    on disk or Apc i have no problem the problem is only on page enhanced

    Thanks for your response.

    And when/how did the problem arouse?

    On our case, we did nothing… No WordPress update, plugin update or config change and suddenly since a few hours ago, some (not all) of our sites, started disposing as plain text some of their disk enhanced cached pages.

    your welcome Vassilis K
    the same for me only in my case i’am on a directadmin control panel i take a full backup and then optimize mysql then suddenly i find that when i view site as an none loged in user i see nothing except html
    so i try many things and even i restored my backup but nothing work so i disabled w3tc setting one by one and find that pagecache won’t work on disk enhanced but work well on apc or disk

    Hi guys,

    This may be caused by a small bug in the latest version of LiteSpeed Web Server. We have fixed it now, though. If you have your own VPS or dedicated server, just upgrade to the latest build of LSWS 4.2.10:

    /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -f -v 4.2.10

    If you’re on shared hosting, ask your host to upgrade LSWS.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience.

    Michael (from LiteSpeed)

    thanks a lot michael

    You’re very welcome.

    Hello Michael,

    thanks for the update. I guess you got notified by our hosting partner!

    Thanks again for your prompt actions! 🙂


    I don’t know if it was your hosting partner, but, yes, we did get notified by one of our hosting partners. 😉

    You’re very welcome. We pride ourselves on having very few bugs and fixing them very quickly.



    thank you for your quick response i didn’t check my site since last night
    but know the problem remained on my site
    i check with my hosting and they said they are on LSWS 4.2.10 but once i go on disk enhanced as a non loged in user the problem remained and visitors get a html page
    i think the bug remained or not resolved entairly

    I am not 100% sure, but I believe they need to force a re-install as the LSWS (LiteSpeed) package build changed, not the version..

    My host is running LSWS 4.2.10 but I am still getting this problem. Was there a hotfix but the version number remained the same?

    My issue is the same as khansariamirreza – problem only started yesterday and Disk: Enhanced causes my site to display in plain HTML.

    My server admins told me:

    It was a bug in LiteSpeed which has been corrected, a forced re-install fixed the issue server side.

    Note that they performed a forced re-install, not an update.

    It looks like the problem has been fixed for us.

    @vassilis K.

    Thank you. I’m out of luck then. There’s no way my host will re-install because they keep telling me “The latest version is 4.2.10… we are already on 4.2.10! If there was a newer version, it would be 4.2.11”

    I think the LiteSpeed team should either release hotfixes with a different version to avoid confusion or send an email to their hosting partners asking them to do a forced re-install.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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