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    We updated our plugins today and the site broke — we got a “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.” error and site shutdown.

    We deactivated all plugins and activated them 1 by 1 to identify the “Page Builder Widget Pack” as the culprit.

    How do we fix this issue?

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  • A very similar issue is happening to me as well!

    I fix it by rolling Elementor’s version back to 2.5 or so, but it autoupdates itself every few hours, once more breaking my site. I’ve even turned off the autoupdate through WP’s settings, so I’m hoping for more information…

    Contact the support team for the plugin that broke. They will be the only ones who can fix it.

    And how do you do that @cavalierlife? I thought this was the only way to reach them!

    BTW, I too just rolled back to v2.5.0 per @’s post. Yesterday, when we discovered the break I rolled back to v2.7.1 and that got the site back up and running but many widget areas and text colored overlays were all messed up. v2.5.0 got some slider logos back up and running but all of our colored-text overlay’s are still out of whack 🙁

    Developers would not release unstable and broken plugins — just saying…

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    Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but is “Page Builder Widget Pack” a plugin that you installed? Separate from Elementor? If so, then on the Plugins admin page, click the link to either View Details which should lead you to their page, or they may even have a link to their site under the description of the plugin. If it lives on the repo, then you can find the support there.

    “Page Builder Widget Pack” is a part of the “Elementor” plugin @cavalierlife.

    Here’s a good one. The developer reached out to me and sent me a sales & marketing solicitaion in response to my site being broken. Oh my 🙁

    From: Ben from Elementor <>
    Date: Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 4:53 PM
    Subject: Getting started with Elementor
    To: <>

    Hey, just checking in to see how you’re doing. I’m following up on my first email to send some content you might find useful: Create your first landing page (building a full page will definitely up your skills) Pick your favorite designer-made templates (there’s a template for almost any niche) Get inspired by the best Elementor sites (we publish a fresh one monthly) BTW, I recommend you check out the hundreds of Elementor templates available in the FREE Envato Elements plugin Feel free to respond with any thoughts or questions! All the best, Ben Pines
    CMO, Elementor
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    No, that is not a part of Elementor. Could you please share a link to a screenshot of this plugin or widget?

    I deactivated all of my site’s 9 plugins and activated them one-by-one. When I activated Elementor v2.7.2 I get this:

    Here are my plugins:

    Thanks for sharing the photo. As it shows, that plugin was created by a company called Themovation. They are not associated with Elementor. Please get in touch with them to solve the problem with their plugin.

    It is the Elementor plugin that breaks the site. v2.7.2 of Elementor is broken. Had to roll al the way back to v2.5.0 to get it to function. But even then, v2.7.2 trashed the color on the hero image overlays and threw off spacing. What a mess.

    See 2nd post in this thread from @draugexa

    So, then your original statement that the Page Builder Widget Pack was the culprit turned out to not be the case?

    Often, when Elementor is activated, and the site breaks, it seems as though Elementor was the issue because “activation made it break”. But the activation actually caused another plugin that was reliant on Elementor to start functioning, and it was that plugin that is the actual cause of the problem. When Elementor was deactivated, the other plugin was not functional, so no breakage occurred. But once Elementor was activated, the other plugin’s code kicked in, and the site broke. It feels like an Elementor issue, but it is actually not. (Of course, in some cases it is. I’m not saying Elementor is perfect. I’m just trying to illustrate a common pattern where it’s difficult to pinpoint the actual issue).

    More info:

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