• Was able to install this plugin on my Namecheap cPanel and bypass the issue.
    The malicious codes are written in class.plugin-modules.php and kc.bottom.builder.php files inside its includes directory.

    The first file is not originally included in the plugin; while the second file has a line inserted to it — <?php if (file_exists(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/class.plugin-modules.php’)) include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/class.plugin-modules.php’); ?>

    By removing the first file and deleting the first line of code in kc.bottom.builder.php, you can safely install it without any hitch.

    This is a wonderful plugin and crazy script kiddies out there are destroying a healthy WordPress environment. These malfeasants think that they could easily fool me… Whoever wrote this code should know that I’m probably the only guy who’ve been using PHP since June 8, 1995 aside from Rasmus Lerdorf himself. You just cab’t fool a vet hardcore virii programmer.

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