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    Hello. If I move a page in my menu, or add a new one, underneath another existing page, to make it a “sub-page” on the menu, the top page becomes “invisible’ in the nav bar….so, it’s no longer visible to the public. It’s only visible to me in the pages list.

    The title of the page remains in the nav bar, as a sort of navigation tag only. It sits there on the menu bar, but cannot be clicked.

    Also, in order to navigate to sub-pages, the original page still has to be clicked on…the sub pages don’t drop down whilst hovering..would I need a plugin for that?

    I’ve tried asking on my theme page but no-one could answer yet.
    I suspect I might be missing something basic about the way pages and menus operate.

    theme is Follet, child theme is Alétheia my site is here

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  • Bootstrap default drop down menus do what you described. For touch screens that don’t have hover-effects, the top level is only a mechanism for opening the available pages. It isn’t a mistake, but by design.

    There are ways to change this in your code. Take a look at this instruction It is intended for a different theme, but will work for you as well.

    Or you can change your navigation intent so top level menu items are not clickable and just labels for opening the child pages.

    Janet Thanks for answering.Am sure this would work.

    I didn’t understand how the page heirarchy works – still not very sure and no time to investigate it. I’m running a new project – a mobile cafĂ© so the time left to spend designing the site is getting smaller each day as our income is too small to wait.

    I couldn’t get to grips with the coding, but I did solve it by adding a plugin called “Max Mega Menu”, which happily does the job for me.

    Plugin authors are my new heroes – as are you for taking the time to help people like me.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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