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    The page stops after the sidebar. So the page background does not extend to the length of the content. I have tried adding height: 2000px; to the page css, and that does extend the background down, however the footer still stays right below the sidebar. I tried adding height: auto; but it does not affect it at all.

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  • it’s almost like content is not part of page div. although I know it is. If i remove the get sidebar function from index.html the background for the page div is not there at all now. so the background for page div only shows up for the sidebar which doesnt make sense.

    Any ideas?

    Try to remove "position: absolute;" from .narrowcolumn. Its totally unnecessary and probably messing up your whole design.

    But where do you think your sidebar is? I don’t see one ;-).

    Sitting with the same problem, thanks for the info, worked likea charm

    I am having the same problem…and I do not have a .narrowcolumn in my css file 🙁

    aha sorry everyone, after a few days with no reply here i removed the sidebar all together just to see what would happen. What happened is the background did not show at all. Right below the header started the footer! With my content overlayed over that.
    I have put sidebar back into index.php file. I removed position: absolute; from the css and now my background does extend all the way down my content. However, it pushed my sidebar down quite a bit. I’ll look at this, think i’ve seen that before. If i need help with that part i’ll start a new post.
    Thanks for the suggestion, not sure where i got that from, but removing it worked.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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