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  • Does anyone know of a plugin that will allow you to assign authors to pages like you can do in the stock Wrdpress install. I am trying to find something that will allow users to login and write/manage their pages like they can with their posts.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Maybe you could consider Role Scoper. It’s very powerful so would do alot more than your question, but I think this is what it can do.

    The current manual can be found here, and if you scroll down to the end half of the page, you should see an entry called

    Enabling a User to Edit Specific Page(s), and Nothing Else:
    Give them a WordPress role of Subscriber
    Manage > Pages > Edit their page
    Expand the “Editors” tab under “Advanced Options”
    Check the non-braced checkbox to the left of your user’s name (if child pages will be created, also check the braced checkbox {[]}, which assigns the role for all current or future child pages)
    Save the Page

    Thanks, Mosey. No luck though. Looks like because the plugin is still in the beta stage they haven’t ironed out that functionality. Took me a few days of playing with it to figure that out; looks like it will be a good one when they launch a stable release though. Any other ideas?

    Thanks again!

    @spcaer: Thanks for the feedback. I have to admit I’m a little surprised that it isn’t working (not that I’ve tested it myself so I really shouldn’t be saying anything :p) because afaik, the developer is very active in developing this plugin. Before I suggest anything else, hope you don’t mind giving me a day or two to test out a few things myself on Role Scoper. 🙂

    That functionality is working in Role Scoper 0.9.27, per direct communication with at least two other users. spcaer, what exactly went wrong? No page editing access? Too much? Can you describe your configuration? That kind of user feedback is how free plugins get past the beta stage.

    I did discover a conflict with ozh admin dropdown menus. The workaround involves a change to the ozh plugins, and I don’t want to broadcast that until I test a bit more and then discuss it with ozh. Would be willing to e-mail the workaround to you if that proves to be your issue, though.

    Thanks for the reply, guys.

    Here are the problems I am having. When the plugin is installed and activated I go to the page I want to restrict access to and I assign a particular user access privileges. After doing that, nothing changes. The issues are (1) the areas of the page that should be hidden are not actually hidden for other users, or (2) all users are still able to edit that page.

    As a test I setup three users, x, y and z. I created three test pages, x, y and z. I went into the pages and assigned the access priveleges so they matched up; user x could access page x, user y could access page y, and so on. After doing that I signed into the admin panel as each of the users (x, y and z) and was able to access all three pages and edit them.

    Role Scoper Version 0.9.27
    Wordpress Version 2.5

    It does look like the exact thing I was looking for though, I just can’t seem to get it to function correctly.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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