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  • Hi, i’m having this issue with both Torro Forms and the old Questions plugin.

    If i create widgets and don’t assign any text or content, then i can submit the form.

    But, if i add text to a textview, or try to set the content of any of the widgets, the following happens:

    When i click on Publish, or Save Draft, the page shows me the alert:
    “The page is asking you to that you want to leave..” with the two buttons “Stay on Page” and “Leave”

    If i click “Leave Page” everything goes fine and the form is created and published.
    If i click “Stay on Page”, The publish button is disabled and the spinner next to it spins forever.

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  • Plugin Author Sven Wagener



    sorry, but I do net get what you want. In need some more information. I don’t know what the widgets have to do with the Admin page, because you do not have widgets within the forms Admin area. Can you please try to describe a bit more detailed?

    That would be great!

    Thank you!


    I have the same problem too.
    When I create a new survey or update one, when I click on “Publish” button I see an alert.
    It’s a classic “beforeunload.edit-post” alert of WordPress core.
    I noticed that this bug started with the WordPress update at 4.9 version.
    I tried to solve this problem but I did not succeed.
    Please, help me.

    By Widgets, i mean the Views wich TorroForms\Questions provide in the edit_post page, e.g. the TextView, CheckList ecc..

    Plugin Author Sven Wagener


    I am very sorry to say, but we unfortunately won’t fix that bug anymore. We are working on Torro Forms in the next version since more than a year since version beta 8 and we have totally rebuilt it that we have a lot more reliable base for the future.

    In the coming version we won’t have this problem anymore, I have tried it now with our developing version and it works.

    I am very sorry to say that, but you have to wait for the next version we will release in the beginning of the new year, but as I have seen, if you save the form and you click on “leave”, the form will still be saved.

    🙁 I see, in every case, congratulations for the nice plugin.

    For what you know, isn’t there a temporary quick fix for changing what the page displays?

    To show something like “Would you submit the form?” instead of the current message.

    That would be g.r.e.a.t.

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    Plugin Author Sven Wagener


    Unfortunately not, because this is a browser based message. 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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