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    I have a page template called Places, which uses this slug: /places/
    It loops through and displays posts from a Custom Post Type with the slug: /caw-places/

    When viewing one of these posts, for example /test-post/, i would like the slug to be: /places/test-post/ instead of /caw-places/test-post/.

    How do i manage this? Through .htaccess rewrite rules?
    Or is there a more logical way within WordPress.

    (Custom Post Types are set up using the Types-plugin)

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    When you register a post type you can define the slug with:

    'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'places' ),

    Custom post types can have archives, the same as you do now with the page ‘/places’ if you register them with this:

    'has_archive' => true,

    This will show all custom post type posts at ‘/places’ (if you used the ‘rewrite’ parameter).

    If you’re using the custom post type archive you’ll need to delete the page ‘/places’ because it will conflict (have the same url) as the post type archive.

    Re-save your permalink structure (wp-admin > Settings > Permalinks) after you change parameters in the register_post_type() function.


    Thank You very much for taking your time to answer.

    I am very well aware of the archives-solution. However, it is a more complex to set up pages this way in the menu – through userdefined links – because the menu will then consist of both pages and userdefined links. In addition, i use the WPML translation plugin and this makes it a bit more complex since i need to add userdefined links to each language-menu. Using only pages makes the translated menus more automated.

    That is why i am still interested in knowing if there is a way to only use pages.

    Thanks again!

    Moderator keesiemeijer



    So pages get added automatically to menus. What do you mean by adding “userdefined links”? Are you adding all custom post type posts to a menu?

    I’m not familiar with WPML. Maybe try their support forums:

    No, pages are not added automatically.

    When you set up a custom menu you have different options. Among others; adding pages and userdefined links.

    If one uses Custom Post Type archives, these are added to the menu through userdefined links as they are not set up as a page under Pages.
    So yes, right now by using your method i am adding the Custom Post Type archive page to the menu.

    This method is not as straightforward compared to simply using pages.

    I could of course add a page which uses a page template called page-places.php which loops through the custom post type that has the slug /caw-places/.
    But the permalinks for each post on the template page will not have the slug /places/ but /caw-places/.

    That is why i need a workaround. Do you have any tips for this second method?

    Moderator keesiemeijer



    I don’t know of an easy workaround for this problem you have. Have you tried the WPML forums yet, maybe they have a solotution to your workflow problem.

    It can probably be achieved with the WP_Rewrite class but that isn’t an elegant solution.

    Thanks alot!

    I will try your recommendations.

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