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    Fantastic plugin first and foremost (not sucking up yet!)

    I using yoast on my ecommerce site (non piercing body jewelry site). in the Yoast WordPress SEO Settings area, the tabs for general, analysis etc show up on all pages EXCEPT for the landing pages of my categories (Categories under “Product” section.

    Any suggestions. I have added two pictures here as a pictures says 1,000 words. please do not go onto my site if your community standards disapproves. (lawyers make me say that!).

    Example of what is supposed to be here: Good Tabs

    Example of the “categories” pages that DO NOT have the tabs. Bad Tabs, bad!

    thanks all,

    Nikki (and Michael)

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    This area “Show on screen
    Author Comments Date SEO SEO Title Meta Desc. Focus KW
    Pages ” is not in the category pages under the “Screen options.”


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