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  • When my home page reached the quota I had set of 10 posts, I crossed my fingers that WordPress would automatically start another page for the following posts and happily that’s what happened. The new page with earlier posts became
    While google has continued to show all 4 of my earlier posts on that page, the big problem is every image on that page has disappeared from google image search. And some of them have been quite popular. Can anyone tell me where I’ve gone wrong here? Thanks.

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  • you have not gone wrong anywhere. This is Google’s crawler, which is not able to find expected contents on the old URL’s.

    You can do one thing. Let your home page be static, and navigate with categories..

    Thanks ryans149. Since you didn’t mention it I assume then that google doesn’t pick up these page 2 post images with new URL’s later on as new images, even though they pick up the posts themselves.

    Checked the static page codex. I’ll have to think about what to put on that page. If I do mostly post images with a few lines of text, would I link them to their archive page? Also, if the first page is static, what happens to the posts starting on the next page? Do they scroll on and on forever, or if they’re broken up into so many per page, are those pages numbered, which would bring me back to the same problem I have now?

    Had been thinking about adding categories in sidebar, so will definitely be doing that.

    On Monday, I added a sitemap to my blog and also submitted it to google.

    And since then, I’m happy to say my page 2 images have reappeared on google image search.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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