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  • Resolved irri


    Dear Denny,

    I purchased your awesome plugin this afternoon and was working on a nice opt-in bar for my website. It’s a horizental opt-in bar. I used the CSS code that you suggested to someone else on this support forum a couple of months ago 🙂

    But I have 3 questions regarding customizing my bar because I don’t seem to get it right. I have a problem with the preview of the advanced CSS mode.

    1) Why is my custom css not accurate? Is there something I am missing? Am I writing the code wrong?
    When I am customizing the CSS, the preview looks exactly like I set it up. But when I am seeing the form live, it looks different then I intended.
    For example, the padding is very big around the input fields.
    The input fields are biggere then I set them to be.

    2) How can I put space between the input feels? Now they are a bit close to each other. But adding padding to the advanced CSS file didn’t work so far

    3) How can I add an image instead of the submit button?
    Is it possible? I tried a couple of codes in the CSS
    But nothing seems to work so far. So apparently i am doing something wrong with the coding.

    I am no pro with this. I have basic knowlegde of css.

    This was the advanced code I was using:

    <input placeholder=”First Name” type=”text” name=”FNAME” />
    <input placeholder=”Email Address” type=”email” name=”EMAIL” />
    <input type=”submit” value=”Submit” name=”subscribe”>

    .mc4wp-form {padding-top:10px; display: inline-block; }
    .mc4wp-form input { padding-left: 50px; padding-right:50px; ; display: inline-block; }
    .mc4wp-form input[type=”submit”] {
    border: none;
    width: 70px;
    height: 30px;
    background: url( no-repeat top left;

    .button:hover {
    background: url(;
    This is the page where I have the opt-in form
    Ideally I would like it to be wider so it will align with the width of the page. But that’s a problem for later.

    I hope you can help me with this.
    Thanks very much in advance!

    Kind Regards,

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  • Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi M,

    I would try setting the majority of things using the controls in the CSS Builder tab and only use the Advanced CSS for parts which are not included in the CSS builder, like the background image for your submit button.

    That with the following CSS should get us close to what you want to accomplish. 🙂

    .mc4wp-form input[type="text"],
    .mc4wp-form input[type="email"]{
    	margin-right: 10px;
    .mc4wp-form input[type="submit"] {
    	background: url("") no-repeat top left;
    .mc4wp-form input[type="submit"]:hover {
    	background-image: url("");

    Make sure to remove the “background color” from your button (in the interface) and set a field padding etc.

    I hope that sets you off in the right direction. Feel free to shoot me an email on the address listed in the plugin settings screen because you deserve premium (faster) support. 🙂 Also, we can talk Dutch that way.


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