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  • Hi,

    I’m new in this community but I am so keen to learn as much as possible. I got a website and i just got a small problem with my adverts, because of the companies I’m working with for the adds, i need them to be in 300×300, but i think that the template was set it up for 250×250 on the side bar. So, because of that the margins look’s weird and i cant see the full width of the image. Can please someone help me as i dont really know what do i have to change, i guess is on the style.css but not really sure. I can manage to make bigger all the margins modifing the padding of the whole sidebar, but that is not what i want because then it looks crap everything else. I put the adverts there with the “text” widget if it helps.

    Sorry about my english as I’m spanish i might done loads of mistakes, i hope it does make sense my cuestion and you dont missunderstand my needs.

    Thanks so much.

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  • Michael


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    as you are working with a commercial theme, you need to contact the theme’s seller for support.

    this forum does not (and cannot) support commercial themes.

    Oops… Sorry about that i didnt know that was the case, thank you anyway.

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