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    I would really like to use this Packing Slip feature with the PDF Invoice & Packing Slip Module, but is the Packing slip part only available for premium users?

    The Invoice is sending out beautifully as expected – great job!

    For the Packing Slip, I have the template done, have it checked off under Email Options that the Packing Slip should attach for a New Order, but nothing ever appears.

    Any insight into why this would happen?

    This is my template in case my wording is causing an error:
    <table class=”pdf_invoice_heading_table”>
    <table class=”pdf_invoice_seller_buyer_table”>
    <tr><th>Billing Info</th><th>Delivery Info (if applicable)</th></tr>
    <tr><td>[wcj_order_billing_address]<br>[wcj_order_checkout_field field_id=”billing_phone”]<br>[wcj_order_checkout_field field_id=”billing_email”]</td><td>[wcj_order_shipping_address hide_if_zero=”no”]</td></tr>
    <p>[wcj_order_total] has been successfully processed by [wcj_order_payment_method].</p>
    <table class=”pdf_invoice_totals_table”>
    <tr><th>Fuel Charge for Delivery</th><td>[wcj_order_shipping_price excl_tax]</td></tr>
    <tr><th>Coupon Code Discounts</th><td>[wcj_order_coupons]</td></tr>
    <tr><th>Order Total</th><td>[wcj_order_total]</td></tr>

    <b>Signatures</b><br><br>I have inspected these items and agree that everything listed on this invoice was received. If there are any damaged items, I have noted them below. Otherwise it is assumed that everything was received in perfect working order.<br><br><br>
    First Name: ___________________________________________<br><br>
    Last Name: ___________________________________________<br><br>
    Signature: ______________________________________________<br><br>
    Cell Phone #: ____________________________________________<br><br>
    <b>Damages to Note</b><br><br>

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  • Update: Actually now it is just sending out gibberish emails instead of the regular invoice attachments, so I have since deleted the packing slip template till we can find out is happening. Since doing that, my invoice attachments are sending out fine again, so I know that was the problem.

    Thanks in advance for helping me solve my Packing Slip issues!!

    Hi there, its almost been a week so thought I would check in to see if you could help with this at all?

    Plugin Support RokasJ


    Hi @jackofallspades,

    As mentioned in your other thread, all these issues are tightly related – your website seems to no longer save data in correct meta keys, because these shortcodes work on your older orders. I have responded on your other thread previously.

    Now that we have solved my other ticket about coupons, I am not sure how this is related to the coupon issue. Could you shed some light onto this?

    It does not matter what I write in the packing slip (even tried just two words) and all this does is mess up the invoices sending out and sends people a gibberish email for their invoice.

    How can I use this packing slip?



    Hi there, checking in again, as this hasn’t worked for me from the start. I would like to use this Packing Slip feature, but when I enable it, all I get are gibberish emails when customer completes an order. You can scroll up to see what I wrote and perhaps let me know what I am doing wrong? Or I can give you access to my site to see the set up?

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