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  • Hi there!

    This concerns WPMU, latest version. I’ve reinstalled the P2-theme and switched to others but no success in putting “show threads” as default.

    This all started when I switched from 10 posts on the page to 15 (in the admin panel – reading). That’s when the problem started.

    Can I somehow force showing of threads. I’m just beginning to send out a lot of invites to the website… My luck..

    Any help would be extremely appreciated

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  • This has happened to a user before:

    I don’t have the luxury of restarting with my community again although. I’ve already got 40 members and they will probably not like to register again. :/

    Firefox shows “hide comments” for a millisecond. Then it changes to “show comments” and all of them are then hidden. Any clues?

    I don’t use the MU version… but in the normal version there was simple an “on/off” switch in the functions.php… Is this not the case in MU? that sux.


    I’m using MU for Buddypress so that’s the reason. I’m not that knowledgeable about MU/non. I’m not sure where to search for the on/off in functions. I’m guessing you mean that it’s in the theme?

    Ah – found the thread:

    var hidecomments = false;

    Is that in the MU version?

    and you would have to edit the file, the way i understand it…

    Ah, OK!

    I’ve tried the one below which didn’t work but I’ll keep trying. This has to be a bug anyways.

    var hidecomments = false;

    Didn’t work. It was set the way it should. I’ve tried with a clean P2-theme also and there was no change. One person over here:

    says he had to reinstall WP. 🙁 He guessed that it was a database-issue.

    The functions.php is in the P2-theme and I’m guessing this doesn’t have to do with WPMU.

    Wow – too bad – very restricting…

    In my oppinion, the P2 theme is great, but very difficult to modify. Maybe it was TOO complicated. Noel should make one that leaves out all the pretty parts and just provide a framework or something…

    But then it would be more like a plugin than a theme… Good luck on your hunt. Maybe you will have to learn some MYSQL! (it’s on MY list)

    “But then it would be more like a plugin than a theme…”

    I’d love that! It would be fantastic. Then I didn’t have to integrate it with other themes. I’ve quite successfuly placed the P2-engine in another theme. But it only works with Opera, Safari and Firefox…. But then again, I’m just a power user and not a developer.

    Well, I’ll see if anyone else has any comments. If not, this is lost. I really can’t recreate the website at this point.

    It’s a real shame that the theme owner(s) have been complete unresponsive for the past few months!


    Noel or any developer out there who can lend a hand? This is obviously a bug somewhere.

    *friendly bump*

    ToreGu – have you tried the svn version of the theme?

    Can you send a URL to where you are having the problem?

    Thanks a lot Noel! The new version 1.05 works fine. I’ll see if the bug appears again or not.

    Thanks for the link to the subversion. Didn’t know about it.

    I’m looking forward to beeing able to upload media with P2. That will be great.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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