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  • I having a problem with replies to posts on my site. If you immediately try to reply to a post the reply 1. tries to open in a new page and 2. errors out saying that he link cannot be found on the server. However if you back button and try to reply again the reply box drops down on the same page and the reply works.

    I have two other sites using the P2 theme and have never had this issue before.

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  • update to this is now the ajax and permalinks are working but the first reply to a post is always opened in a new window. subsequent ones are posted in real time on the main page

    I have the exact same problem… Not a dealbreaker, but pretty annoying. In my case it almost never errors out, but hitting reply seems randomly (in ~50% of cases) to open the post I am trying to respond to in Single Post view mode, forcing me to go back to the root afterwards to see the rest of the posts.

    I’ve managed to replicate this bug on 2 different P2 installs and 2 different hosts, with 2 different browsers. The only think I haven’t tested are 2 different completely clean (no plugins) fresh P2 setups. Can anyone try that to see where the problem comes from?

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