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  • I’m at a media org that uses P2 as a newsdesk, to prioritise and assign stories to writers. Our news editor records what information we know about a story as well as URLs to further information in P2 posts.

    We’ve noticed, though, that when we search for an entry (say by company name) and posts are returned, all occurrences of the search term will be highlighted by being made white on an orange background. This has the effect of making any raw URLs that contain the search term break — only the part of the URL up to where the highlight starts is an active (and broken!) link, and everything past the highlight is just shown as regular text.

    To see this on your own installation, try putting “More at” into a post and then searching for “microsoft”. In the results, the link you just typed will be broken.

    Does anyone know of a quick fix, or where I should report this?

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  • Can you give me URL where this issue belongs? And what keyword to search?

    Has the theme been modified? Or additional plugins installed? I’m not seeing any search term highlighting on the P2 blog that I manage.

    @aditya – It’s a private installation, so sadly I can’t link to it. The steps to replicate given above have been tested on it, though.

    @esmi – Good question. I’ve deactivated all the plugins on the site except for “Registered users only”, which we use to keep it private. The theme is plain vanilla and unaltered. The problem is still there.

    There’s a screenshot showing the issue here:

    Without knowing site URL it’s almost impossible for us to provide you with specific help.

    EDIT: I also tested with Make WordPress (that also uses P2) and RAW URLs are working fine (both highlighted and non-highlighted).

    @aditya, I understand that it is much easier to troubleshoot problems with access to the site, but it just can’t be done in this case. The site contains commercially sensitive information and access is tightly restricted.

    EDIT: Removed unnecessary comment 😉

    See this:

    Looks fine in other installation.

    Hmmm. That’s odd. I’ve actually got two different (private) P2 installs, both on different hosts, and they’re both showing the same problem. But yours clearly isn’t.

    I’ve tried disabling that last plugin, and I’ve tried a different browser. Not sure where to look next, TBH. I think I’ll try spinning up a public P2 later to see if it happens again and so folks can take a look if necessary… and are just two of the many blogs running P2 if you want to have a look at them.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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