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  • Resolved Peter Holme Obrestad



    I updated the norwegian translation for p2. It’s here:

    There are a few places that are non-localizable:
    Menu item in admin: (“Theme options”)
    In theme options: “Pick a color”
    In the inline post editor:
    when in “Blog post mode”: “Post title”

    Also, “Mentions” – I haven’t really got around to figuring out what this is.. has it something to do with citations, maybe?

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  • Lance Willett


    Thanks for the Norwegian translation files, Peter. I’ve reported the translation issues, and we’ll try to get that fixed up for the next version.

    Mentions are cases where a username is mentioned in a post, with @ syntax. See an example on the P2 demo blog:

    It’s similar to the Twitter @ reply feature.

    aha…thanks! by the way, do you have any plans to address wp-signup.php? it’s looking rather ugly at the moment… guess it could be worked out with css, but I’m guessing this is a universal issue? Also – many plugins/”stuff” includes “clear:both”-type attributes (including wp-signup.php, and the way the sidebar is set up, that doesn’t cope very well..

    See here:

    Lance Willett


    @peterhol It’s not a universal issue, it only appears when using WordPress multisite. I assume you are using multisite WordPress (network mode)? Otherwise the signup form should use the default WordPress admin UI.

    Looks like when using P2 with multisite WordPress the signup form needs some CSS styling, as you said. That will be addressed in the next version—thanks for the report.

    ok thanks! btw.. where is the function that automatically creates links out of URLs in posts? I use WPtouch for mobile access – and I wanted to make the links that I now just write flat out as URLs work in the WPtouch theme as well – ’cause it’s just sooo convenient 😉 I really can’t find it anywhere in the source code!

    @peter P2 uses a built-in WordPress function for the clickable links, make_clickable.

    See for usage and more info.

    thanks.. I actually discussed this with someone in the wptouch devel team (bravenewcode) – and they added it as an optional feature 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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