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  • molliem


    This post is going to sound crazy, but I assure you it is all happening on my website.

    Today, I was having difficulty loading my website when I got this bizarre pop up that said,

    Whoops! Looks like you are not connected to the server. P2 could not connect with WordPress‘.

    But I don’t have P2 installed! I didn’t even know what P2 was until I Googled it. I only have two themes installed: Tatami and Twenty Fourteen. My website is

    Now, it gets weirder: I got a similar popup (from P2) while on another WordPress based website (not a website I own) saying:

    1 new comment(s)‘.

    I did not get a new comment, so what is the pop-up referring to?



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  • Moderator Kathryn


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi Mollie – that is very strange indeed, thanks for reporting this.

    Was the “not connected” error you got when you loaded your site a one-time thing, or is it recurring?

    Did it happen on the front end (public side) or in your dashboard?

    I was having difficulty loading my website

    It would be helpful if you could you tell me more about what you mean when you say you had trouble loading the website? Could you describe exactly happened?



    The P2 popups were happening on my front end. It seemed to happen mostly while I was on my website doing hard refreshes on Firefox for my website (Cntrl+F5). As far as “difficulty loading my website” it only occurred after a cache dump and a hard refresh in Firefox, at which point my website would take forrrreverrrr to refresh (which was very unusual).

    Then, oddly, when I was reporting the matter to my theme’s designer on her forum (, I got two more pop-up messages from P2 while on her website, not mine! Specifically, the pop-up notices were to inform me that I had received ‘1 new comment(s)’. I checked my website and indeed I had not received any new comments, nor had I ever received a comment notification in this manner (they come via eMail).

    I wrote my theme designer, Ellen, a long message in her forum explaining the oddity. It wasn’t until after I posted it — I happened to notice what theme she was using for her forum — P2!

    At that point, I felt sure I was being transported through the Twilight Zone.

    Possibly unrelated, but lately my website has been behaving very badly – fonts revert back to the theme’s original design (, and all of the revisions I wrote to in Jetpack’s Edit CSS function sometimes is active and at others times they are not and the theme’s original design appears instead. Oddly, the behavior and appearance is not consistent and it depends largely on where I navigated from to reach my website. For example, if I come my website via a link in a search result or from a link someone sends me about a specific article I receive in an eMail — then none of my custom CSS design changes appear. What I see is the way the theme was originally designed. Yet, strangely, when I log into my website it looks OK (aside from the wonky changing fonts). It’s probably unrelated, but at this point I think anything is possible.

    I have my website behind a firewall at Sucuri along with a number of other security features I have activated that they offer, so I feel fairly confident that my website hasn’t been hacked. But, I haven’t contacted Sucuri about this matter yet (I was afraid they might think I’d lost my marbles). I wanted to get a reply from Automattic and my theme designer first.

    Thanks! Hope you can help!

    Moderator Kathryn


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Thanks a lot for the additional details. To quote Lewis Carroll, curiouser and curiouser!

    Since both your site and Elmastudio’s p2 forum are both running Jetpack it would be good to know if you’re using the same email address on both accounts. In other words, is the email address with which you’re signed up on the Elmastudio forum the same as the email connected to your Jetpack/ account? If so, there may be some crossed wires, but this is just a theory at this point.

    If you’ve used the same email for both forum & Jetpack, you could you try changing the Elmastudio forum email address and see how that goes.

    You could also try logging out of the Elmastudio forum if you’re not already.

    Possibly unrelated, but lately my website has been behaving very badly

    Hmm. That sounds like it’s probably a different issue. You might want to start a separate thread for that.

    Thanks for the reply. It gets wierder and weirder. Today I was able to login to Elmastudio’s dashboard. I wrote to her and gave her this update:

    UPDATE: Ellen, I got an answer back from Automattic about my problem with your theme P2. She asked if it was possible that I am using the same e-mail to login to your forum as to my Jetpack/ account.

    While, I did not immediately remember which e-mail I used to register with your forum – I asked for a new password to be sent to one of my e-mail accounts. I never got an e-mail, so I can assume it was not the one I tried. Meanwhile, it asked me to login to your forum using my username and password instead. I did that and gained access to your dashboard: In it, I could basically do anything I want, and if I were evil I could really screw with it. Fortunately I am not! Is it common for members to have access to dashboards in forums on wordpress? Seems weird to me.”

    Is this normal?

    Also, the P2 popups have not reoccurred since first reporting it. I have not done anything different – even though I don’t ordinarily log-out after visiting her forum – so it’s a mystery to me. Although, I would have done so had the pop-ups continued, but so far…*fingers crossed*…

    Moderator Kathryn


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    I actually set up my own test user account on Ellen’s site today, and was also able to see the dashboard, but everything except my own profile was read-only. 🙂 It was disconcerting at first, though! I think it’s because the site isn’t actually a real forum, but just a regular WordPress site running the p2 theme, so when you log in you’re brought to the dashboard like you would be on any other WordPress site.

    Also, the P2 popups have not reoccurred since first reporting it.

    OK, that’s a good sign! Let me know if it happens again.

    It turns out the dashboard, although it initially appeared to have given me admin status, actually would only allow me to post comments via the dashboard, change my profile, etc.

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