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  • I have searched all over and still can’t seem to find the answer I am looking for.

    Question: Is it possible with the p2 theme to make it so that if anyone does an “@name” (calling the mentions.php file) that the user (author, subscriber, whomever gets mentioned) gets notified via email?

    I know there are solutions like getting a modified theme (GD, P2 reloaded, etc.) but i just want to include the snippet of code so people can actually get notified that they are mentioned in a post.

    Please help! Thanks for all the help in advance.

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  • I too would love to know how to do this. Seems like a critical aspect of this functionality.

    This does seem critical. Did anyone figure this out?

    This is just what I was wondering! I totally don’t understand the point of “mentions” in P2 if there isn’t a way for the targeted user to be notified.

    +1 I’m having the same issues with P2. Subscribe2 plugin is ok, but it fills your inbox in a team environment. Having the mentions send an email would be perfect, but after a week of on and off research I still can’t find a way to make it work well.
    Anyone found a workable solution to this?
    Edit: I’m using P2 on a WPMU install, perhaps it’s somehow related to that?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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