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  • I installed P2 and everything worked great. After a night or two of tinkering, suddenly the auto refresh doesn’t work as usual.

    I’ve looked at some other threads here but none of them seem to cover the same symptoms.

    Normally, the flow is like this:

    1. Type text into update box and click “Post”
    2. Spinner very briefly appears, update box clears out and post appears below highlighted in yellow.

    But on my blog, suddenly this is happening:

    1. I type my status update and click “Post”
    2. The top area goes grey and the little spinner starts spinning.
    3. The page hangs like that, but the post actually did work in the background (Subscribe2 email goes out).
    4. At some point the grey finally goes away but the text I typed remains in the box at the top. My post shows up as do any new posts but my text stays up there.
    5. If I click the browser’s refresh button, I get a popup that says: “Your comments or posts will be lost if you continue. Are you sure you want to leave this page?”
    6. Selecting “leave this page” clears everything up but I’ve got to think this will be very confusing to my users.

    What broke? I’m tempted to follow the advice in but that’s not really my problem – auto-updates ARE working.

    The only thing that is not working is the clean flow of click post, see text clear from box then see post appear below. What’s breaking here?

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  • Update:

    I just tested this again and the flow is like this:

    1. I type the status update and click “Post”
    2. Boxes go grey and spinner appears.
    3. After 30 seconds or so a grey popup says something like “update available” or “1 new post” or something like that.
    4. A moment later my post appears in yellow in the feed below.
    5. Text I typed remains in the update box at top.
    6. Only way to clear my text out the update box is to refresh the page and click the “leave this page” button in the warning dialog.

    So it seems the page thinks the posting is still in progress even though it’s done. I’m not sure how to trace that to code in the plugin.

    The only think I can think of that may have broken this was turning off the subscription feature in JetPack, but that’s a long shot.

    And here’s a screenshot of what the page looks like after I post.

    Another update: Posting inside the regular New Post screen takes a very long time as well. Click “Post” and then easily 30-60 seconds before it completes. Something is making the post process take a very long time. Whether that’s being caused by Subscribe2 or something else, I don’t yet know. Any help here much appreciated as I’m an amateur spinning up a site for a friend battling a medical condition.

    It might be a problem with a script”collision”. H
    ard to say without looking at it.

    Look here for info on how to add JS, if it’s done wrong:

    Thanks olavxxx. I didn’t personally edit any code so I don’t know where the collision might be. Any trick to debugging the flow of events when the Post button is pushed?


    I’m not aware of any easy way to debug flow. You might benefit from defining WP_DEBUG to true in the wp-config.php file.

    Also, try disabling all other plugins and then retry.

    If you want, send me a link with a temporary admin account and I’ll sort it out. Looking like a javascript conflict.

    Thanks Nobble. I’ll consider that offer tomorrow. By the way, how do I get your email address? I couldn’t seem to get it from your profile?

    p2modular [at] mail . com

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