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  • Anyone else having this problem? Anyone else USING the plug-in?

    Yes, I’m seeing the same thing. On P2 1.5.0.

    While going through the P2 Check-In code, I notice several _GET[variable] occurrences, which should be _GET[“variable”].

    Strange to see how this plugin ever worked with _GET queries being broken like that.

    Regarding the check in button, the fix is really easy. I just killed off the position:absolute CSS part that pushes the button into header area and moved the output function right below the widget title.

    I wonder if this plugin is still maintained any?

    I think if it could do some more dynamic stuff automatically, like pinging the server with AJAX for online status, that would be awesome.

    I’m going to guess that the plugin has been abandoned. I’ve seen nothing to suggest there is any interest in maintaining it. The problem I first posted seems fairly significant, but there has been only your response!

    With regard to your solution… I’m not a programmer! Can you tell me what file I should be looking in to make these changes? Better yet, some details on the actual changes you made!

    I agree that it would be great to have more functions available in the plugin. Status would be great and there are likely other little things that would make it that much more useful. I find in general that P2 gives us a taste of what is possible, but doesn’t really go beyond the taste!

    awww man i would love for someone to take over caring for this plugin and publish those fixes! anyone interested?

    Like the scarecrow said in the Wizard of Oz… “If only I had a brain”…

    If I had a brain, I’d do it myself, but as noted earlier I’m not a programmer! 😉

    I too would love to see someone take it over, make the fixes and perhaps add some additional functionality. But I also recognize it’s a volunteer job, so someone has to *want* to do it!

    there are sites that allow people to come together to pay programmers to work on open source software that they care about… 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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