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  • I’m trying to use Ozh Click Counter on a couple of web sites but I’m finding the official plugin page rather confusing and not too straight forward… Also a bit out of date when you consider the post was first published in September 2004.

    Version 1.03 is now out – that update came out on August 11th, so the plugin is still being kept up to date a bit… But again: the implementation isn’t that straight forward.

    I created the SQL Table that was asked for on the plugin page, installed the plugin, put the go.php file in the wordpress root directory… So that’s all set up. Yet, what I’d like to implement is just simply the click tally next to a link in parenthesis: Google! (6 clicks).

    The tags are all presented on the blog page for the plugin BUT not the implementation scheme. HOW do I format the code to get that stuff to display? And how would I format code in the sidebar to show the most popular stories (and their click totals) from the last 48 hours or so?

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  • …and of course if someone can recommend another plugin instead of OZH Click Counter to do what I’m looking for (number of link clicks next to links) that would be appreciated too.

    Well, it would seem after a little research I found what I need.

    Perennial plugin maestro Lester Chan has a postview plugin that does exactly what I was looking for in simplicity. It’s easier to modify some aspects of it than what OZH wanted you to do to just implement the damn thing…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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