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  • Hi, I’m using Oxygen theme and have some problems with the pictures.

    1. The picture showing fine on the front page. But if I click a catogery [tasting note] on the left hand side, they only show a blank box. How can I make the picture appear?

    2. Following up the first question, if i post a blog without picture, does it mean it will always have a blank box there? Can I delete the box?

    3. Every time when I post a picture within a blog and mark the blog as primary blog. Will the theme automatically cut my picture to the same size no matter what size of picture i’m using? Sometimes I found the picture display the full size on the front page sometimes I found they cut it into the same shape. I want it display the whole size in my blog buy cut as the same shape on the front page just as the demo.

    4. The [Read article] link and tag link on my picture display differently from the demo. It appears black when I move my mouse on the picture. If I click into my blog page, the [read article] blue sign doesn’t appear at all.

    Here’s my blog
    Here’s what I want

    Thanks a lot!!

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  • Hi Veronica,

    I noticed that you were able to resolve the first issue you had with this theme and images not displaying once a category was clicked.

    Can I ask please what you did to fix this?

    Thank you 🙂

    Hey, i just upload a feature picture for every single blog…then the feature picture shows everywhere. I think it might be the only way to fix it…

    Thank you so much that worked!

    Although it’s an awesome fix… I wonder if that is the only way?..hmmm


    Hi seztown – so far, I only found this way… If you find other ways, please let me know. I actually don’t really want a feature picture on every single post hehe

    Hi keivin – 就是每个blogpost你都要上传一个feature picture,然后就可以了。每次传图片的时候insert into post旁边有个选项叫make it feature


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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