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    Hello! I just noticed that the main slider on my site is not working properly – you can’t click to see the posts.

    The only thing I changed recently was the update to WordPress 3.9 version.
    Could you please help me fix it?

    I use Oxygen theme and my site is

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  • Hi again! I also noticed there are widgets missing on the left side and on footer : (
    I have no idea what caused these bugs…

    Same here. Indexo slider not working sonce upgrading to 3.9. I have deactivated all plug-ins and activated again but still no good.

    Switching plug-ins on/off did resolve an earlier Visual editor glitch though.

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    Look like for some reason Oxygen’s JavaScript files aren’t being pulled in anymore.

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    To clarify, can you deactivate all plugins so that we can explore this issue in some level of isolation?

    I guess you are right – when I tried deactivating all plugins the slider worked again and the widgets reappeared.
    As you can only see the source of current site version, I tried getting a PDF of each to compare. Hopefully it will help identify what is causing the incompatibility:

    With active plugins:
    All plugins deactivated:

    I tried deactivating one plugin at a time to see where was the problem. When I turned off Alpine PhotoTile the site went back to normal – which is weird as I had this plugin since January and it only caused problems 3 days ago coincidently after 3.9…
    Anyway, if you figure out any useful information about this bug, I’d sure like to know!

    Hello nandacb !
    I saw that you are using the same theme than me and I would like to ask you how do you manage to make the showcase slide to work in
    I’m trying to do everything they say but I can’t make it work.
    Could you please, help me?
    Thank you very much

    Hi virlopezlobato! I’m no expert but I can try to help…
    What is your site url? What problem are you facing?

    Nandacb, I think what they are referring to is the same thing I am having issues as well. The one nice thing about this theme is the first thing you see is the picture on the top that changes and each picture is a different link to a different post.

    I have been trying for an hour to figure it out as well. I’m assuming its some widget that isnt working or not there. Not sure. I could use the help as well.

    Finally figured it out. Also got some help by following these instructions.

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    Please make sure to create your own thread to discuss your own queries

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