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  • hi there.
    I am on my own server and am hosting several wordpress installations, for me and friends. Now I have some fundamental understanding problem.

    The control panel I use, uses i.e. web1_user1 as the format for usernames and web1 as the format for group names. now if I, logged in with the admin account ftp/ssh into my account, all files I touch are owned by me and my group aka similar to doing a chown -R web1_user1:web1 /web

    BUT to use the wordpress core update and plugin update features, I have to make www-data (the apache2 user used on Debian) the owner, thus enabling any php script, i.e. the wordpress plugin my FTP to write to all files on the server in any of the wordpress installations as they are now all owned by www-data…

    Can anyone give me some tips where to look for a solution to thius problem? I guess its an issue that I should adress to the control panel team, right?

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