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  • Most all traditional review systems support a way for owners of the the company/product being reviewed to leave a publicly viewable comment on reviews. Such as thanking the customer or responding to their concern publicly.

    Is there any option to enable this functionality?

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    Thought more about it and allowing custom fields in the Add/Edit screen would most likely solve this issue and many others. Is this something in the works or something available in a beta I could try? Or could duplicate the “Your Review” field and name it “Owner Response” throughout the code, the only challenge might be creating the necessary place in the database to store it.

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    So the custom fields addition is something that we have explored, however, it had to be put on hold for time constraints with other projects. Admin responses have come up frequently and in some cases people have implemented them in clever ways. For instance the user in this thread was submitting response reviews simply by appending “In response to: ” to the front of the review title. Using this consistent format I was able to write some javascript that would resort and apply style to make a more intuitive layout for response reviews. The alternative of creating a response field in the add/edit, allowing for DB space, and adjusting the layout is very much within reach and could be achieved with a few hours of development if you are willing to get your hands dirty. If this is the route you want to go, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

    Charlie Maxwell

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    Thanks for those potential alternatives. I’d like to try the duplicating a field in the meantime. I imagine a good deal of search across files in Atom will help find any instances of an existing field and then duplicating those. Though if you get a chance at some point and have any thoughts on what to look out for when doing that would be greatly appreciated as well as any thoughts on the database. Currently use Navicat and SequelPro for editing databases but not too familiar with sql statements.

    Thanks so much for being so responsive, for a free plugin no less!

    This might help.

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