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  1. lizzyloo
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I am brand new to all this - think of me as the typical "dummy".

    My logo and favicon just won't load, when using "customise". I have removed them from the media library and tried to reload - doesn't work. When I browse-select the files in customise, absolutely nothing happens, but when I then check the media library, the files are there.

    Another problem - please don't laugh - but how do I change the contents of the main slider??

  2. acub
    Posted 2 years ago #

    To force a favicon refresh add this function to your child theme's functions.php:

    add_filter('tc_favicon_display', 'force_favicon_refresh');
    function force_favicon_refresh($html) {
    	return preg_replace( '%(favicon.(ico|jpg|gif|png))"%', '$1?v=2"', $html );

    Note: the solution above assumes your favicon is named favicon and has a file type of ico, jpg, gif or png. If that is not the case, you should change the 3rd line of code to:

    return preg_replace('%(XXX.YYY)"%', '$1?v=2"', $html );

    where you need to replace XXX.YYY with the actual name of your favicon file.

    About your slider "problem", you cannot change the contents of the main slider. It's built-in and doesn't rely on images that are stored on your website as media files. However, you can replace the demo slider with one of your own. Make sure you have all the images you will be using for your slider and upload them in Dashboard > Media > Add new.
    You will be able to create new sliders and/or edit their slides from the file's edit screens. You will than need to go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Front Page and choose the slider you have created.

  3. ElectricFeet
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @lizzyloo Hmm, I think that if we're to think of you as the "typical dummy" then the above will be above your head.

    As you can see from here, this is a complex problem that happens only very occasionally and to very few people (<10 in the last year). But when it happens there seems to be no way out.

    The good news is that nikeo's working on it and I hope we might have some news soon. Whether that's soon enough for you, I don't know, though.

    Here's more detail on setting up a slider: http://www.themesandco.com/creating-a-slider-with-the-customizr-wordpress-theme/

  4. lizzyloo
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks ElectricFeet, yeah...I'm pretty much a plug-and-play typa "problem solver"...no worries, thanks for the info ;)

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