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Own Domain and wordpress.com site

  • Hello everybody,

    So we have a wordpress website running on http://www.redactiepartners.nl
    It is our own domain registered outside of wordpress or anything.

    We also have http://redactiepartners.wordpress.com. This wordpress.com account was created a long time ago and was used to test some stuff before we made some changes to the website (we used to use a different CMS)

    Now somehow when I try to log in into the redactiepartners.wordpress.com account with my credentials I get the error “Cannot access the dashboard”.

    I’ve noticed that it redirected my “admin” panel back to my redactiepartners.nl domain.

    I use Jetpack on the redactiepartners.nl domain and it was linked to the same account that holds the redactiepartners.wordpress.com account.
    So I broke off that connection but it still gives me the same error.

    We want to use the redactiepartners.wordpress.com for real now to also post different posts we use to server our customers. so we have the website and a blog on redactieparnters.nl, and a second blog on redactiepartners.wordpress.org.
    This has something to do with serving the proper content to our customers but also it’s a SEO thing.

    So the question: Can I unlink the redactiepartners.wordpress.com from the redactiepartners.nl domain so that we can use both sites seperately?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind Regards,
    Patrick van Zadel

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