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  • Dear all, I wonder if anyone can kindly advise here –

    I’m running a site with 500+ posts. It’s very time consuming to edit them on a live site so I created a local wp and used the export tool to download the content. After editing them locally, and marked about half of them as private, I exported the local file and uploaded to the live site, hoping it will overwrite the content. Unfortunately the message were all “xxxx already exists…”.

    I wonder if there is better, and simple, solution to this?

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • You see the error message because the import functionality is trying to create the posts and they already exist in the database. One possible solution is to follow the steps below to completely replace the database:

    1. Create a full SQL dump of the database that you have on your local computer. If you have phpMyAdmin you can use it to create the SQL file.

    2. Delete the database on your live server or drop all of the tables in the DB.

    3. Import the SQL backup on the live server and all data will be replaced.

    Btw this really is not a good solution because it is complex and every time you want to make changes you have to delete and replace the DB/files. You can check this presentation for more information about tools that will help you to easily create staging copies of your site and then push the changes to the live server:

    Thank you Daniel. I thought of that option but it’s a little big complex. If preferred, I tend to use plugins or web-based interface.

    A good way to clone existing WP sites is to use a tool like InfiniteWP:

    It allows you to clone one site from one server to another and you can see if you can configure it to clone the site from your dev local setup to the live server.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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