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    Firstly I have searched extensively for the resolution to this problem, however i’ve had no joy.

    Yesterday I installed the firestats 1.3.6 plugin ( i know wordpress is not responsible for individual plugins but please bear with me) and after a few hours of working fine I suddenly received a white screen after making a post. The error message given was this:

    The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…

    Now I searched on WordPress and other places and found that the most common resolution was to install an SMTP plugin. So to cut a long story shot, I did that but it didn’t help, then I contacted my host and they have told me the following:

    “The plugin replaces the wp-mail.php script. Please download a wordpress
    install with the correct wp-mail.php and copy it over. This should
    restore the correct functioning”

    I just wanted to check whether this is the appropriate course of action to take? Also I’m using WordPress 2.2, should I overwrite it with 2.3?

    I don’t know how to overwrite without losing the content on my site but i’m sure i’ll find that out vias a search.

    Thanks for any help!

    PS my site is www. lost-play. com (without the space before .com)

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  • Typically, plugins don’t actually replace standard WordPress files, they instead use hooks.

    So, with that said, if necessary, you can download prior versions of WordPress at:

    You will want to use the proper file from the proper version.

    Thanks for the reply Michael.

    So by that I gather that you doubt the problem is to do with the firestats plugin overwriting the wp-mail.php..?

    I have a back-up from a few hours before the error you think it would be better to rollback and use the back-up or to install a new wordpress over my current one?


    If you did a good backup, then in theory, your backup and the new wordpress versions should be the same.

    Ok, thanks for your help

    Ok, i’ve fixed it!
    For anyone who has similiar problems, I discovered that it was an issue with a trackback – or to be more precise, the issue came about due to a post I made where I linked my previous post for reference (common amongst bloggers) – this was the first time I did so in this particular theme on this particular site. Anyway to resolve the problem I went into phpadmin and deleted said comment.

    I found this out thanks to the owner of this blog >>

    Detailed instructions on their site.

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