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    This plugin (as do most weather plugins) for some reason at random times completely crashes my server. I have an Amazon EC2 EBS backed medium instance, so it isn’t one of those $5.99 a month shared hosting packages.

    Once or twice a week, the time seems to be random, this plugin causes CPU usage to skyrocket to 100% for several minutes, causing the server to stop responding and requiring a restart. It _is_ this plugin, as it only happens when it is enabled.

    Is there any way to prevent this? I’ve already set the refresh to once every two hours, so it isn’t running the update very often. What is causing it? I know it has something to do with weather sites because every plugin I’ve ever used to display the weather causes a similar problem.

    Which of the transfer methods result in the least server load? Is there a specific weather service that uses less server overhead?

    Normally the instance runs 20-30% of CPU – so an increase of 70-80% for the weather plugin is way too high.

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  • Plugin Author tuxlog


    How many locations did you set up?
    Can you give the URL of your site please?
    The output of phpinfo() would also be a good starting point.

    There’s only one location set up. is the site url. is phpinfo().

    Plugin Author tuxlog


    Surprise, I expected you to at least 50 locations setup. We experienced this before when people use a lot of locations.

    Okay, so we first try the easy thing.

    Timeout for connections should be lowered, e.g. 5 secs.
    Refresh 7200 should be okay.
    Try curl method first.

    It would be a good idea to have a look at the log of your server at the time the server gets overloaded to see if there a re some sideeffects. Do you have a chance to do so?

    Ok I’ve made those changes – this seems to only happen once or twice a week so it may be a bit before I get back with you.

    Plugin Author tuxlog


    Any news?

    Plugin Author tuxlog


    seems to be resolved

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