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    OK, I admit it, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed! I am extremely impressed with this plug-in, but I have to admit, I am having a very difficult time getting my arms around everything it can do.

    I have read the documentation on your site and even followed the “getting started” tutorial, but I still feel a little dizzy. Do you have some example sites or some other graphical illustrations of what can be done with this “Swiss Army Knife” of widgets?



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    Look at http://www.brunswickcc.edu

    The home page slider and all of the sidebar content and callouts were done with IntelliWidgets.

    Thank you, that is a very handsome home page. It is a little early here so after I have had another cup of coffee, I will try to digest this.

    When you say the home page slider was done with intelliwidget, would you elaborate a little further? Are you saying you are controlling another plugin with intelliwidget? Sorry, I must seem like a dolt.

    Plugin Author lilaeamedia


    Essentially, IntelliWidget renders lists (i.e., ul li /li /ul, etc.)

    Most menus and sliders are built on lists, so the trick is using CSS to style them in such a way that they function as dynamic content elements.

    IntelliWidget allows you to 1) generate different kinds of lists based on a number of parameters, and 2) apply CSS attributes to those lists.

    The slider is built by attaching the flexslider jquery plugin to the list object that IntelliWidget renders. The rest “just works,” as they say.

    Once I get this next major project out the door I am contemplating writing some tutorials about all this stuff. Let me know if I can assist an any way.



    I am sorry I didn’t respond yesterday, the day got away from me. Thank you very much for your explanation, it did help quite a bit. I suspect your plugin is a bit like a gold laden iceberg, with most of the treasure being just below the surface.

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