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  • I have installed wordpress on my site and I am tinkering with the theme. I am new to all of this and I would like to clarify my understanding of what the pieces are and how they come together. Is it correct to say the following:

    wordpress is software which runs on my server, php is code used by wordpress which runs on the server, which I don’t see, but I use php commands in the .php files? And I use html in the style sheets? Do I use html in the .php files too? Am I close?

    Thank you for your help…


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  • Getting close 🙂
    In stylesheet you us CSS.
    In the .php files WP has both HTML and PHP: the HTML tags do the usual formatting stuff (div, p, ol, li etc.) and the PHP commands call the functions written in the core files.

    The theme files work together like this:
    and here is a very good reading about WP and PHP

    That is excellent information. Thank you very much. I have another question perhaps you can answer? Is there a straightforward way to include a photo in a post? Do I use FTP or a plug in? Thanks again,


    Almost straightforward, LOL
    admin panel > Options > Miscell – check Allow File Uploads and set the directory etc,

    After that you’ll have another tab between Options and Logout = Upoload.
    Using that you can upload images and it gives you the code to be inserted in the post (or Page). I wish it was simpler. However, there are different plugins that might make it easier. Have heard good things about IImageBrowser.

    Ok I’m back 😛

    I followed your instructions. I get the dreaded red x in my post. Once the picture is uploaded successfully via wordpress, should it be visible with my ftp client in the destination folder? WordPress said the file was uploaded successfully but I don’t see it.

    In the post, I clicked the “img” quick tag and plugged in the file name and the description when prompted. Have I missed something?

    I guess when you set up the upload path there was already a relative path in the field and you left it like that, although below WP “suggested” a full=absolute path.
    I always use absolute path and never had problems.

    Hello. When I set up the path I did not make any changes from what WP recommended. I used the full path in the code within my post as well. The “http://” was already in the img quicktag pop up so I didn’t remove it. But everything else is exactly as it appears in the upload settings.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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