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    I am using the latest version of WordPress in a multisite configuration with the latest version of the NewStatPress plugin.

    There is a message showing instead of the overview graph when I check stats from the admin side – but I can’t find any options>api at all. I’ve looked at the plugin settings, tools and settings – I don’t see anything related to an API. It may be related to the multisite implementation or just a lack of understanding on my part, I don’t know.

    Other people seem to be able to find it – so if you know where this option is set – please let me know.


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  • Plugin Author ice00



    the Option is as in this image:

    It is the last tab in Option page.

    Maybe try to clear browser cache so it load the CSS again.

    Let me know if you see it.


    Plugin Author cHab



    You must go inside the menu Options of the plugin, then go on the last tab on the top. In case of you really don’t find the tab API, please us a screenshot of this view at newstatpress at

    Thank you

    EDIT: double message with previous from ice

    Looking at your screenshot – I can see the problem. Although this plugin was working fine on multisite implementations before your use of an external API, it is now broken on WordPress Multisite.

    Here are the symptoms:
    – when it is installed and setup to be available to all sites, but not network activated and active only on one or more sites, but not the primary site – the “Option” does not show on the sites where it is activated and the Overview graph does not run. A message shows:
    “Impossible to load the overview: You must activate the external api first (Page Option>Api)”

    – when it is installed and setup to be available to all sites, not network activated, and activated on the primary site – the Option tab shows on the primary site only. When the option tab is selected on the primary site, and the external API is enabled, the Overview tab initially shows that the routine is having trouble parsing the path to plugin assets, but after a second load of the Overview tab, it starts working properly. However, other sites on the network do not run the API successfully and the “impossible to load…” message shows.

    – when it is installed and setup as network activated, the symptoms are exactly the same as when it is available to all sites and activated on the primary site and some other sites. It works on the primary site, but no options or overview on other sites.

    This was one of the few stats plugins that worked well for multisite implementations before the change to an external API. I believe it could be again, a good alternative for multisite, if one of these three alternatives are implemented in the plugin:
    – (Per Site) It can be implemented by site and the options tab shows on all sites and allows each site to implement the external API
    – (Network implementation) The option (and perhaps some of the other settings) would show on the the network dashboard available to the network admin and be used by all sites on the network including the primary.
    – (Controlled by Primary Site – almost no one is going to like this choice, but some plugins do use it) The options tab shows on the primary site only (like it does now) and whatever options are set on that site, including the external API, are used by all sites that have the plugin activated.

    I don’t know the motivation for the external API or how it operates, so I can’t say which option is the least problem to code, but I do know that as it is today, the plugin is no longer multisite compatible.

    Plugin Author ice00



    External API works as follow.

    If accepts POST request into this path of your site:


    The caller gives parameters, like OVERVIEW, KEY and the kind of output to get as result.

    The API will return the HTML output of Overview or JSON file with data for being able to processed by PHP / Javascript as a user want into his server/site.

    Why use this?

    Well a little version was already used for 2 years now and is the Variable output that uses a simple version with GET post. With this a page that shows some variables in widget now loads in less than a second, before it loads in 20/30/40 seconds with big database.

    Dashboard uses External API from 6 months already.

    This is the way so we can use AJAX and have asynchronous pages generation, so all 404 errors should gone away.

    For multisite we have to check how it is implemented.

    Plugin Author ice00



    your multisite is with sub-diercotries or with sub-domains?


    It is not implemented in sub-directories. It is implemented as domains using the network redirect functions of WordPress multisite – so there are multiple domains that are directed to the appropriate subsite, which does not have an actual, corresponding directory – but is called by the documentation a “sub-domain” implementation.

    Plugin Author ice00



    I need some information about your multi-site to test the stuff but it is better if you drop an email at newstatpress @ so I can ask for some technical details and screenshot directly there.


    I just want to report that NewStatPress is working fine on Multisite now after the latest updates.

    Implementation and configuration for Multisite is per site instance and not for the entire network. You need to be a network admin to configure the options, but any user can view stats.


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