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  • Resolved YeKen


    Hi there,

    Me again, sorry! I’m looking through your plugin and trying to find the best place to override your generator (using a filter) to use my existing license key logic (saves me retro fitting my plugins).

    It appears updateLicenseKey() is the best place? I don’t suppose you could add a filter for $clean_license_key ?

    That way I can filter it with my own logic? Ideally, need the WooCommerce order ID passed to the filter too!

    Pretty please 🙂


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  • Plugin Author Drazen Bebic


    Hello @aliakro!

    I actually have planed to add this as a feature, but I can’t really be sure when it’s coming out. Eventually though, you’ll be able to implement your own license key generation logic inside a filter.

    For now, let’s see…

    There’s a filter in the Generator class called lmfwc_generate_license_string, it’s the one that generates ALL license keys from all generators, based on the input parameters. Maybe you’d want to try that?

    Here’s the source file:

    Thank you… would be a brilliant feature!

    I did look at that filter, but ideally, I’d have the order ID (I’m going to generate the license based on some of the data associated with the order).

    I maybe able to use that filter if I can get easily, from Woocomerce, the last order ID for the user 🙂

    Thanks again for you help!

    Plugin Author Drazen Bebic



    The good old Order ID… 😀

    Let’s see, what about this file?

    specifically this hook: lmfwc_insert_generated_license_keys

    That something you could work with?

    So presuming I only had one license per order (which I do), I could filter $licenses[‘licenses’][0] ?

    Replace the value in that and encrypt it?

    Ah looking at it again, that looks like the right place… I don’t need to do the encryption… just modify the array of licenses 🙂

    Plugin Author Drazen Bebic



    give it a go and let me know how it turns out 🙂

    Ah it may not work 🙁

    I think it’s the way you use filters for lmfwc_insert_generated_license_keys. You don’t actually allow the filter to return something. You use apply_filters() to call a function and pass the arguments – not sure this is really the intended way of using filters?

    Although I can apply a filter to the licenses, I’ve no ability to return the data as your apply_filter() call doesn’t expect a return value?

    `function yeken_license_override( $order_id, $product_id, $licenses, $expires_in ) {

    $licenses[0] = ‘TEST LICENSE’;

    // What do I return here?

    add_filter( ‘lmfwc_insert_generated_license_keys’, ‘yeken_license_override’, 10, 4 );

    Thinking I may fork your plugin slightly for my needs 😛

    Could you perhaps put this on the line above? That way the $licenses array can be manipulated and returned pre-save? Pretty please 🙂

    $licenses = apply_filters(
    Plugin Author Drazen Bebic


    Hello @aliakro,

    sorry I’ve been a bit busy the last two days.

    Yes, I will include this in the next update, absolutely no problem! 🙂

    Ah great stuff.. thanks 🙂

    Quick question…was this functionality implemented in the version 2.0 release?

    Plugin Author Drazen Bebic



    do you mean the custom generators? If so, then sadly not. However, the next feature update (2.1.0) will include them. I have already started working on this and other features for 2.1.0, so it shouldn’t take too long.

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