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  • Just a quick question. I understand the premise of this plugin (marketing & newsletters – very impressive by the way!), but is there a way to integrate the Sendpress HTML templates and override the WP generated email templates to look & feel like the Sendpress templates that I design?? I really love the functionality of this plugin, but currently the WP emails are only sent in text/plain format.

    Thanks in advance…

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  • Would love to see this feature too, like WP Better emails do or WP Mailpress

    Plugin Author itdoug


    Just to be clear, are you talking about sendpress having custom html templates or using sendpress templates to replace all other wordpress generated email?

    We have both ideas on our list already, just curious to know which you are interested in.

    Kia Ora, I was hoping to use sendpress templates to replace all other wordpress generated email. Including, reset passwords, register etc…. But just so that you know, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, due to the length of time it’s taken you to respond, i’ve since found another plugin that suits my needs.

    Thanks anyway…

    Actually both on your list are a good idea, BUT, for now, The default template is enough for most clients, and the avability to load a post into the content area is a great extension. Better for us to develop ONE nice template then 10 to-may-things-to-do-and-all-gets-cluttered-by-clients…

    What I would like to see is, to wrap the wp_mail in the sendMail template, so the consistancy are kept for everything outgoing on the site. I love the header and the footer in sendMail, the link to open the mailcontent in browser. And awsome if sendMail could record the mail as sendMail report…

    Most of the mail plugins offer to send html or plain text. The latter, can be passed into a template, who turns it into html in the end…

    For example, I use WP Better email, an easy table template with a nice logo and footer with date, bloginfo and more. This one wraps all outgoing wp_mails like

    – all wp default system mails, like new user or whatever
    – Everything in ex plugin Subscribe to comments, project managament plugins
    – EVERYHING from buddypress, to users, subsriptions, notifications etc ect

    I been using it in sooo many wp (and Bp) installs, works perfect on every device and mail clients.

    I just would like to exchange this plugin to sendPress template.

    My current newsletter system, MailPress offers this with a checkbox option. That plugin is not supported any more, thats why Im looking and get started with sendPress.

    But I dont want my clients to have two diffrent templates to take care of.

    I was just going to try modify sendPress to force send plain text, and wrap it with another function, until I read this thread…

    And as a third idea:
    Im also looking for access my own css sheet when inserting post into content. The default admin_editor array should be used, or stripped in somehow… or just paste the rules I want into a textfield benith the template editor in sendPress.

    Puh, Loooong answer…

    I had a budget of 35 hours to find a new solution for mail subscription for 2013 second upcoming, and went through, tested, Everything in the resp.

    So far, with a few hours left, my report will be

    – send wp mailpress to india and update it “ourself”, including all addons


    – Start with sendPress for newsletter handling and use subscribe to Comments reloaded for blog and comments handling

    The latter needs an export and import subscribers/ mailing list function

    But subscribe to Comments reloaded need a mail template… and right now WP better email works fine with that.

    I trying to investigate in the php files what sendPress can do about it

    The Knowledge base on sendMail support is very thin, and the view/ doc what the PRO really do, do not satisfy, but 99 USD is nothing to talk about for testing for that matter.


    I hope that sendPress will keep on going to keep it simple, and focus on get even more smarter and accessible (read my reviews) . I like the way it is, for example, the simple subscribe widget. The collect names are not forced, so just filling the email works. Belive me, many authors add require stuff and fancy third-part-jquery-plugins, tooltips or whatever, thats not correct enquened, and conflicts the template…

    As a media coordinator we spend more time to clean plugins than make them nicer. Often The budget does not allow that unfort.

    / J

    I’d really like the ability to create a template email in sendpress and then be able to copy it (or use it) as the email. I’m not talking about changing the default template as I actually want 3 different templates that I can use for different emails


    Plugin Author itdoug


    Give us a couple weeks or so. It’s coming and it’s really cool!

    That’s great – do you want a beta tester?

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