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    I just wanted a way to hide a category from the Blog page in the site. I found I could do it using a simple line of code. But before then I installed this plugin. Now, on the blog page I only see this category listed. The various blog entries show, and they have categories shown (and can filter on). But the Categories list only shows the single category I added to the Home group.

    I tried updated the Home group to have all of the categories listed and settting it to be used for the various pages. No go.

    And the All group only shows the single category. I would have expected it to show all of them.

    What does this plugin actually do to the category listing for the entries and how they are presented in the Categories listing?

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  • Reply to my own post

    It looks like the primary issue with the missing categories was another developer going in and marking all of the entries as Private. Logged in as the Admin I could see all the posts still. But of course the categories were not showing up.

    I thought I had the line of code to hide the one category in the widget, but that’s not working. I’m going to see if this plugin will accomplish this. But I don’t see exactly how to define a group that will include everything EXCEPT a specific category (and grow as more categories are added).

    If there’s some specific way of doing that I’m interested.

    Final Reply

    So yes, I finally found the AVH Extended Categories widget that allowed me to just exclude a category. So all is working now.

    HINTS for those new to WP (like myself) and AVH Extended Categories:

    • Make sure you have not marked your posts as Private. They won’t show or impact the Categories list
    • Make sure to add in the AVH Extended Categories widget in place of the existing Categories widget
    • Make sure to select the correct AVH Extended Categories widget. The Top Categories didn’t have the exclude option I was looking for (or I missed it).


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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