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  • Is there a good/proper way to override posts per page?
    I’m whipping up a hack to have archives similar to these but need to override the posts per page that is used to control the number of posts on index.php.
    Currently I’m doing it by adding
    $posts_per_page = ‘1000’;
    but there has to be a “clean” way of doing it.
    Once I can get this solved, I’ll release the code for this type of archive, since I’ve seen quite a few requests for it.
    See it in action.

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  • *bump*

    I hope that you get this solved…I’m looking forward to using those kinds of archives as well.
    Would you be so kind as to post to the Wiki after you have done the hack and got it working? Thank you!

    I sure will post the hack.
    One thing you might be able to help with…I can’t for the life of me get IE to stop displaying the bullets on the day numbers. I have the list-style set to none for both the ul and il elements in my CSS. Opera and Mozilla display the day numbers without the bullet, like I want, but IE is being stubborn! Thanks!

    I’m also having a problem in IE that the links for the day numbers are somehow only right above the numbers. If you have your mouse on the number itself, you get the title popup, but it doesn’t act as a link.
    Any help you can give Craig would be great…since you’re the CSS guru and all! 😉

    “Guru” — don’t I wish!
    I’ll have a look at your CSS and code. Maybe I can spot something. What version of IE are we talking about here, because IE is a different animal in virtually every version.

    IE 6

    have you tried:
    #weblogcontent ul li { list-style:none; }
    My guess is it has to do with you overriding ul li base, then trying to clear it in the subclasses… I’ve had problems with certain subclass referencing styles. You might want to play around with using the class directly too – I can never remember which worked for me.. 😉
    .arch-days li { … }

    Thanks guys,
    I’ll try that stuff out tonight.
    Have any ideas on the original problem that this post refers to? You seem to have a pretty good understanding of how WP functions.

    I’ve decided to go a different route and no longer need the original problem solved in this post.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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